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“Half Tandoori chicken, bone-in, perfectly seasoned.”“Medio pollo Tandoori, con hueso, perfectamente sazonado.”


Rate: 398 MXN “Authentic Tandoori chicken, bone-in and full of flavor. Pollo Tandoori auténtico, con hueso y lleno de sabor.”


Serving Size: 8 PIECESRate: 288 MXN “Tandoori boneless chicken tikka, bursting with flavour.” “Tikka de pollo deshuesado estilo Tandoori, llena de sabor.”


Serving Size: 5 PIECESRate: 198 MXN “Fiery Tandoori-spiced wings for a bold kick.” “Alitas picantes al estilo Tandoori para un toque audaz.”


Serving Size: 8 PIECESRate: 198 MXN


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